Wolfs? Wu(五)? – The most sensational group in the Taiwan Entertainment Industry now.


W0lf[s] (五堅情)- The most ‘hung’ and formidable Mandopop group dominating Taiwan Entertainment Industry

A humble start for 5 gentlemen who energetically participated in the most 夯 game presently played amongst many people especially youngsters. 狼人殺 [The Werewolves Game]. A game that contests the ability of oneself with different assigned roles such as Werewolves (yes, the bad guys who always claimed to be the good ones), Seer/Oracle – the role who knows who the villains are and lead the good guys to the right direction to win the game, alongside with the other god roles such as witch, knight, and hunter [most basic combination]. An excitement to watch how individual goes all-in to gain the trust of the players. Eventually Yes… This is the game which had rocketed the fame of these 5 guys in Taiwan Entertainment Industry.

So what’s the name of this game show? —– >>> [凹嗚 狼人殺 ]

A renowned Taiwanese variety show 100 Entertainment[娛樂百分百 ], earlier hosted by Show Luo has been regularly inviting celebrities to participate in this game since Year 2017. Accepting the game challenge, 5 enthusiastic gentlemen brought themselves to be part of the contest. Homegrown Singaporean singer-songwriter Kenny Khoo aka Fengze [邱鋒澤], Nine Chen [陳零九– Taiwanese singer- songwriter], Wayne Huang [黃偉晉-Taiwanese singer aka ex-boy band-speXial], Shou Lou [婁峻碩- Taiwanese rapper singer from Ching G squad] and Lai [賴晏駏 aka 小賴].  They really played their roles perfectly spot-on with quick witted mind and sharp tongues convincing other players even though at times they have roles of being the bad guy. The exhilarating moment of this game brought viewers’ attention and persistently follow this show on daily basis [except Saturday and Sunday]. Their popularity sensation has been on the uptrend since 2019.

天黑請閉眼- The Theme Song

Prior to the forming of 5 members group, both Fengze and Nine have took the chance to collaborate a song with an interesting title : 天黑請閉眼; strongly resemble the phases in this Werewolves Game.

Which means, It’s Dark, Please close your Eyes! Ermmm… You may be wondering what a name!?!

This soft rock genre song first debuted in Year 2019, achieved a whopping track record of surpassing millions [200 萬點閱率]. It has topped the chart in various music platforms upon its released. Ultimately, became the most 夯 song for the Year 2019 and that after, more songs related to the game were also debuted in the following year i.e. 天亮請睜眼, 絕對發言, 預言家, 騎士, etc.

九澤, CP – The on-screen perfect match

Striking the iron hot, both Fengze and Nine have attained the next ‘hung’ level by committing more effort and time to compose even more melodic songs in the year. The duo officially formed a group named ‘九澤, CP’ on 13 November 2020 and their first album debuted in year 2021.

Source: own collection

Apart from their composing talents, both were also offered to join as the permanent hosts of 100% Entertainment officially in May 2020, alongside with Wayne Huang [who returned to host the show after his discharge from National Service].

In view of the up trending ‘hungness’ of this group, we are fascinated to unveil more insights of their remarkable achievement in our next article.

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