Double Seventh Festival is coming~Time to shower your love

QiXi Festival 2022

QiXi Festival 2022 – It’s Chinese Valentine’s Day!!!

Hey guys, as we know every traditional Chinese festivals has a meaningful backend story, thus have you wondered which is the most romantic festival? Yes, it is the QiXi Festival [七夕情人節] or rather known as QiQiao [乞巧]. It takes place every 7th day of the 7th month on the Lunar calendar annually. This year, it falls on 4 August 2022. It is typically celebrated in China and Taiwan and even extended to Japan [Tanabata] and Korea [Chilseok], gracing the festival with different names. So how does this festival comes about? It was all originated from a Chinese folktale to commemorate the mythology of two-crossed lovers – Cowherd and the Weaver Fairy.

This is how the Chinese myth goes ~~~ Cowherd fell deeply in love with one of the goddesses – The Weaver Fairy and eventually got married with two kids. Love and relationship are strictly disallowed in the books of Heaven’s regulation. As such, an immortal marrying a mortal had violated the rules and thus, The Weaver Fairy was forced to return to Heaven, leaving Cowherd deeply shattered with the loss of his loved ones. One day, there’s an ox owned by Cowherd, which volunteered that he is willing to sacrifice. Objectively, the ox could be disguised as him to access the Heaven gate to look for the Fairy.

This provoked and angered the Goddess of Heaven, who immediately created a river of stars in the sky, drawing the fine line to prevent them from meeting each other. Touched by their love, the Goddess of Heaven finally agreed to allow them to stay in the heaven but can only reunite with the Fairy on every 7th day of seventh lunar calendar. Henceforth, this day became an occasion for couples to celebrate and expressed their love for one another.

So how do the Chinese celebrate this full of love festival in each country? Let’s explore


It’s pretty much similar in celebrating the usual valentine’s day by giving flowers, chocolates or even other types of gifts alongside with a romantic dinner date for sure. For the ladies out there, how about going for some gifts more personalized such as handmade sweater or scarves? This is much more relevant to this occasion since the weaver fairy was once a weaver. We are sure that your lover will be warmed by your utmost effort.

For those singles, Don’t feel lonely, do pay a visit to the temple of Matchmaker god aka Yue Lao [月老] to pray for good love fate and meeting the destined one soon. What’s more? The Fireworks display is also a catalyst that must not be missed to create more romantic atmosphere- you may go to those popular attractions like Kaohsiung Love River, Tamsui Fisherman’s wharf , iconic building like Taipei 101 and Taiwan Rainbow bridge are definitely must-visit places to liven up the mood.

Credits: Photo by Andy Wang on Unsplash


It is also about the same way of celebration as to make a reservation at a romantic dining place or probably a hotel staycation.

Credits: Photo by Will Truettner on Unsplash

The standard gifting would be flowers, bags, chocolates, jewelries, or even a surprise proposal. Even after your dinner date, you can also bring your beau out for a good walk at beaches in Sentosa or East Coast Park or even Gardens By the Bay (GBTB) where you can see the blooming flowers around. Just the right time that the current flower dome exhibits hydrangea blooms during this summer and for a moment you would have thought that you are being teleported to Netherlands. After all, this is something different that you may consider to bring your beau in celebration of this Chinese valentine’s day. You will make her happy simply by ‘feeding’ her eyes with the beautiful hydrangea feast.

Iconic symbol of Netherland – Dutch Windmill with a romantic couple sculpture enjoying kisses

Mixed combination display of Purple and White hydrangeas. White hydrangeas looking serene whereas Purple hydrangeas looking stunning.

infused with flower beds of hydrangeas growing across

Dates: Now till 14th August 2022
Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953| Flower Dome (gardensbythebay.com.sg)
Operating hours: 9am-9pm, Daily
Contact: 6430 6848

This is basically how this special occasion between couples are celebrated in both countries. A special day with resemblance on love, commitment and sincerity which drives the relationship for a longer and happier run.

Hope Let’s Hung can bring you with some wonderful ideas to your collection.

Wishing lovely couples as blissful always and the singles to meet the right ones soon!! Stay tune for our next post.