Ever Heard of Werewolves game? 台版狼人殺?


From our earlier article, some of you may have been wondering or searching the most 夯 game – Werewolves Game…

Well… We heard you! Do allow us to explain and share how this game is played with brief description of the roles.

To begin with:

No. of pax: 11*

*best group size to have a good game. Any number below that will make the game less challenging and also, the more the merrier with more characters.


  • 1 Moderator to oversee, stage and narrate the game
  • 3 nos. Villains [“The Bad”]
  • 4 nos. Gods (Witch, Seer and Hunter and Knight) [“The Good”]
  • 3 nos. Villagers aka Commoners [“The Good”]

Villains (Choose any of the 3 “The Bad”)

The Werewolf

This denotes the normal wolf of the gang and the main objective is to eliminate the gods or villagers in order to win the game. There’s no special power for this role so the person who drew this card should be hideous.

The Wolf King

There’s special power of this wolf king where he/she gets eliminated out via votes during day time. The person can bring along to eliminate another player from the game. This could weaken the “Good” gang eventually. However, the only way to prevent him/her from bringing out and eliminate the good guy is to be poisoned by Witch [one of the God]

The White Wolf King

Similar as the Wolf King, the White Wolf King can bring along to eliminate another Good guy. However, the special power can only be executed when it gets self-denotation. [自爆] However, if he gets obviated, the special power will also be thwarted to be performed on the Good guy.

The Wolf Beauty

This role cannot be self-denotation nor self-killed-自刀 [ which literally means to feign like a Good guy in order to conceal her identity to hoax the Witch for her antidote]. General rule of thumb is the bad guys will usually kill the good guys every night. In addition to each round of night killing on the good guys, the Wolf Beauty has the ability to choose a player to be her “night companion” and hence if she gets eliminated in the particular round or be poisoned by the Witch, the innocent player whom she sought for companion, will jointly be eliminated with her.

The Wolf Siblings/Bros

The Elder Wolf Brother has the responsibility to protect his Younger Brother from being eliminated. The reason is that the ability of the Younger Brother will be effective when the Elder Brother got eliminated from the round or poisoned by The Witch. As such, the Younger Brother will take this opportunity to take “revenge” further to the daily night wolf killing rounds. Both siblings are made known to each other whereas only the Elder Brother can communicate with the rest of the Wolves[bad guy gang] and to discretely stage to inform the rest of the Wolves gang the Younger Brother’s identity. [this is to prevent the Younger Brother from getting eliminated by the Wolves] The Younger Brother doesn’t know who are the rest of his werewolf gang.

*Advantage! The Younger Brother remains in the Seer’s eyes of “The Good” as long as the Elder Brother did not get eliminated.

The Gargoyles

The ability of this role is to act like a Seer with empowered to check the identity of any players in the game. However, he is in the league of “the Bad” guy gang.

*Disadvantage. He does not know the players are of his “Bad” gang until he has checked the identity of the person. Similarly, he is not known to the rest of his Werewolf gang.

He can only exercise the rights to kill when all other Wolves have died.

Ghost Rider

The ability of Ghost Rider is that when

1. the Seer has checked his identity,

2. being Poisoned by the Witch,

both of the above “Good” – i.e. Seer or Witch will instantly be eliminated.

The Hunter whom has been eliminated during night, cannot seek for elimination with this role as the Ghost Rider has the ability to prevent himself to get “killed” during the night. This Ghost Rider’s ability can only be executed for once in each game.

The one and only way. The “Good” Knight can eliminate him during Daytime. This role is not allowed to self-detonate or self-killed for elimination.

Blood Moon Apostle

He belongs to the “Bad” guy gang as the name being appeared. His ability – If he has self-detonated, the game will go directly into the Night, and all the essential power of the “Good” guys will be sealed that night;

If the Blood Moon Apostle is the last-man standing the “Bad” gang to be voted out, he can flop and survive until the next day.

If he is the last-surviving Werewolf, the self-detonation will be ineffective, thus the game concludes without executing this power.

Villager / Commoner – The Good

The Villager

There’s no special power and ability of this group. Nevertheless, they need to be vigilant and being meticulous on individual players’ speech to determine the “good” guys. Objective – To eliminate the “Bad” guy gang and win the game.

Gods (Choose any of the 3 “The Good”)

The Seer/Oracle

Strong ability to check on the identity of any player each night

Objective – As a beacon of the “Good”, his essential role to distinguish the “Bad” werewolves gang, give discrete hints without being sighted and ultimately to lead the “Good” guy gang to win the game.


This role possess one very special antidote and poison. Her ability is to treat those who are being killed and to execute deadly poison to the identified Werewolves gang.

However, both antidote and poison cannot be utilized at the same time. If the Hunter was accidentally poisoned, he is unable to execute his power and similarly for the Wolf King where he has no ability to eliminate anyone he wishes, along with him. All of their power are sealed.

The Hunter

For the Hunter, once eliminated, he can choose to bring along another player for elimination [must be the “Bad”].

Otherwise, he can choose to reserve his power if he is unsure to suppress his gunshot by not “killing” the innocent.

The Knight

His ability is to reveal the Werewolves if he is suspicious of any player being one of the Wolf.

If he has successfully exposed the Wolf identity, it will directly go into the night time.

If it turns out to be otherwise, the knight would have to make his sacrifice and get himself eliminated if he uncovers the identity of a “Good” guy.

How to win the game?

  • When ALL Wolves “The Bad” are Eliminated


  • When ALL The Villagers “The Good” are Eliminated


  • When ALL The Gods “The Good” are Eliminated

You may however utilize all sorts of strategies to achieve your aim. No strict and fast rule but minimally to be discrete with logical sensing and risk of deciphering the “Good” or “Bad”.

So guys, yes, there are too many combinations that you can play with Be “Fake” or “Truth” in roles definitely it’s challenging to remember all the roles. With some brief introduction, I supposed you have some insights of this game. Aside, there are also some terminology that you ought to 學起來.

This is what we – The Hung community wants to bring it to you to stay trendy. We do hope that you enjoy this and strongly recommend to play along with your besties, friends and family. Well as we mentioned earlier, this game can also be played online through these apps such as “Weplay” or 總級狼人殺 in Singapore, and is also available at board games café to have the physical and feel & touch experiences.

Join the Trend! Let’s Roll and …………..

玩起來吧~~~Let’s Hung!