It’s The Seasons of Joy Now. Does Covid-19 affects Taiwan’s 2021 Christmas?


Well… Let the team explore and provide significant evidence that there is no correlation on Pandemic that has an impact on creating the Xmas aura in Taiwan.

This article will reveal that Year 2021 was not officially completed in Taiwan without such magnificent Xmas decoration and celebration, encompassing different themes at different landmarks.

LEGO Christmas light-up? Have you ever wondered how does it look like?

LEGO Christmasland at New Taipei City; New Taipei City Plaza

WOW!!! A 14-Metre Tall LEGO Santa Claus in New Taipei City!

Yes! Accompanied with the City’s 11th anniversary celebration, New Taipei City had collaborated with “The LEGO Group “, a Danish toy production company based in Billund on the construction of this magnificent Santa Claus and Xmas Tree.

Far Eastern Department Store, Banqiao, level 1

Taiwan is taking the lead to showcase the soul of Denmark in this festive season without any woes for travellers this year. The whole New Taipei City was showered with the affection on Christmas’s atmosphere, which included areas such as Banqiao Station Square, New Taipei City plaza and Wanping Metropolitan Park.

What’s more? There was worth-watching and exciting 3D Laser Light projection which was displayed at an interval of half an hour interval from 5.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Far Eastern Department Store, Banqiao, Level 1

To spice up the year-end festive atmosphere in an island filled with talented singers such as 831, (八三夭), 五坚情(W0lfs), WeiBird (韦礼安), Accusefive (告五人), Dai Ai ling (戴愛玲), Bii (毕书尽), OSN(高尔宣), Eggplant egg (茄子蛋). Julia Peng (彭佳慧), and many more, a spectacular two-day Christmas grand concert was held on 11 December and 12 December 2021.

The concert stage was specially equipped with a massive video screen which stretches 1000 inches-wide, incorporated with visual effect and animation, generating the most stunning and real visual experience for the audiences. The fans were totally indulged in the amazing performances by their favourite idols, indeed an ‘on cloud nine’ moments to wrap up their year- end festive mood.

Furthermore, there are participating activities such as Lego pop-up store, Christmas container markets with 40 special brands and merchandises’ fun games. It’s also nicely decorated with Christmas lightings in this lovely season. That’s not all, they even hold mini amusement park

Adding on to the portfolio of avid instagrammers and IG reels lover, there are worthy “hung” shots in this LEGO Christmasland to garner more ‘likes’ in your post. It is categorised into 3 exhibition regions with 7 breathtaking LED lighting bridges and 4 lighting avenues. Stardust light, Cloud River light, Starry light, Orange the world, Spring Cherry Blossom Light – oh spring came earlier?, Classic Light and lastly Dazzling Light , Lego colourful avenue, Classic avenue, Childlike Avenue and Crystal Avenue.

Taipei City – Shinkong Mitsukoshi A4 and A9 at Xinyi [新光三越信義新天地]

Without fail this year, Taipei’s Xinyi Xintiandi Square has erected a magnificent Christmas tree, towering 17-metres high, drawing huge crowd to this enchanted tree namely the “Christmas Tree of Hope”. This tree was decorated with 100 special Christmas balls, 10,000 light bulbs, secured between the trees on both sides of Xiangdi Avenue. The Christmas atmosphere was awesome!

Zhongshan Heart mountain linear park (MRT zhongshan station) [心中山線形公園(捷運中山站)]


This iconic character was the key feature in commemoration with 70th Anniversary Touring Exhibition, This Snoopy figurine perfects with a Christmas tree filled with glittering and shining stars. Definitely a great spot for selfies and welfies especially Snoopy Lovers!

Taimao Shopping Center aka Taimall @ Taoyuan [台茂購物中心]

Line Friends for Christmas?  Yes, Taimao Shopping Center has collaborated with LINE Cooperation.

Pop-up store in the square with famous characters like Brown, Cony, Boss, James, Sally to join in the celebration in this seasons of love together. A total heavenly place for Line Friends’ Lover.

This is not all,  Cony, alongside with Sally were hanging up high in the air, with snowy sessions every hour. A perfect winter white Christmas with Line Friends! You may find more pictures and details as follows → Taoyuan Taimao Shopping Center Super Cute LINE Christmas!

Source: IG Taimall official account
Source: IG-Taimall official account

Kaohsiung -dream shopping center [夢時代購物中心]

Source: Line Hub shopping homepage

Without fail, each year, Kaohsiung Dream Times Shopping Center Square will be decorated with enchanting Christmas light-up for their valued visitors . A fairytale showcase that encompassed sparkling deers and the colourful vibrant lightings. A wow and ‘hung’ spot for all ages from high-spirited children to romantic couples. This is not all, concert has been arranged alongside in this impressively decorated venue.

Hualien – 2021 Hualien happiness Christmas city[花蓮幸福聖誕城]

Source: 花蓮幸福聖誕城 Facebook page ; https://www.hl.gov.tw/

Hualien – Amongst all regions within Taiwan,  is the only region full of religious beliefs, and series of Christmas thanksgiving activities when it comes to year-end and of course, it is also a big local event! After the 12/16 light ups, the Christmas activities will bring you through the medieval age, experiencing the only Bethlehem town market with an immersive theatre in Taiwan.

I’m pretty sure that Covid really takes its toll on our lifestyle hence they hold a “Christmas sweet market” in this event featuring more than 50 types of desserts, food brands in which you can taste the well-known desserts in Taiwan, as well as some authentic Hualien dessert brands, handmade shops and a three-day European market. This is said to be have making our lives better by eating all the sweet things. Sweetness overloads right ? You will be caught by many surprises for this event. Again, there’ also a concert that you shouldn’t be missing out.