Pinning hopes for Taiwan to be the next-in-line for Vaccinated Travel Lane [VTL]?

Taoyuan International Airport

Taoyuan International Airport

TAIWAN – When was your last visit to this beautiful island filled with the scenic view and abundantly endowed with mountains, surrounded by ocean and glorious flowers?

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Beautiful morning sunrise, dramatic cloud of sea, giant rocks and Yushan mountain under bright blue sky in Alishan(Ali mountain) National Park, Taiwan

Missed the Seasonal Fashion?  The four seasons climate that you can simply find all valid intentions to buy complement appropriate clothing for seasonal fashion trends. Their vast variety channels constantly keeps the viewer entertained and updated with what’s ‘’ to wear for the upcoming season.

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Missed the “欢迎光临”? A warm-hearted and gentle voices that greet you when you stepped into each store.

Missed the “Street Food”? The streets that filled with aroma of wonderful bites which will constantly create a mouth-watering syndrome.

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“Yummy” Braised Pork Rice

Missed the “Hot Spring @ Bei Tou”? A trip to renowned hot springs especially during Autumn and Winter. Cold but shiok with a sip of home-grown hot tea with fresh cut juicy fruits placed at the side of the onsen, subsequently a pot of 火鍋 for lunch or dinner!

Missed the “Landscape and Attractions”? A country that exemplified a hybrid of both modern and historical cultures that brings the history ‘alive’. For those who adore magnificent scenic view of mountains and national parks with blooming flowers, you won’t resist to the hiking trails to keep yourself challenge and at the same time – Healthy.

Top view of Jiufen Old Street in Taipei, Taiwan

There are noteworthy museums to metamorphose you to be more artistic with poetic vibes and meantime gathering facts of the history and culture of the Country. Furthermore, the few wharfs, coastal areas which give you a distinctive feel whenever you are there to catch a glimpse of sunset. The fresh and affordable seafood and sashimi that you can easily seize without hesitation over at the harbour around Taiwan.  

Missed the “Offshore Island” ? If you find that you have extra time to travel out of Taiwan, you may also chance upon the few offshore islands surrounding Taiwan as well-Penghu, Kinmen and Lienchiang.

Missed the “chances to spot your fav Celebrity” ? Don’t forget about the endless concerts, autograph sessions and activities held by various Taiwanese singers whether it is at Taipei Arena or shopping malls and anywhere to hold the stages and of course for countdown parties. The moment where you can catch up with your favourite artistes to all parts of Taiwan.


All of us are missing Taiwan , aren’t you? Without any further doubts, Taiwan is one of the popular countries that you will come across in mind for travelling.

Fret not! You are at the right avenue to keep you abreast of any trendy updates about Taiwan. Let’s hung with us!!!