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Top 10 most ‘Hung’ Taiwanese Food souvenirs for grab in your upcoming trip

1. Exclusive pick: 大溪大房豆乾 – Daxi DaFang Dried Beancurd (Taoyuan)

A well-known local specialty and Taiwanese snacks in Daxi district, Taoyuan City.

Source of food origin is black bean, thus the overall dried beancurd appearance is in rich/beauty black instead of the usual known white dried bean curd appearance.

This dried beancurd has existed for centuries and signifies the deep culture of Daxi. The resident of Daxi will eagerly sought this food for their first bite when they are back to their hometown.

Be rest assured that there’s no added preservatives or artificial colouring. Indeed, a great and healthy delicacy for all ages!

2.Exclusive pick: 翟家高粱酸白菜 – Zha Jia Taiwan Liquor Gaoliang Infused Cabbage  (Kinmen)

Just for quick sharing that Kaoliang is also known as Sorghum Bicolour, which is typically brewed and well suited to Kinmen dry climate. There’s also a popular brand named as “Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor”.

Judging by the name, Yes it’s originated from Kinmen.

It may seem like a very ordinary pickled vegetable condiments, but, the sensational flavour of this product compliments with series of culinary dishes and its succulent taste will leave you totally flabbergasted.

Dished it in hotpots or stir fry with meats, the infused aroma and crunchiness of the pickled vegetables enhanced the flavouring of the food. A must get condiment to WOW your guests’ tastebud!

Hence, it is a good gift to reminisce the taste of Taiwan. Grab It at any 7-11 outlets or Family Mart or Rakuten!

3. 春九食研所- Springnine Foodielab

This ATAS looking and awe inspiring online shop is led by both super ‘Hung‘ Taiwan artistes – Nine [ 陳零九] & 玖壹壹. Most of the products are handmade with healthier choice.

Looking for gifts with exquisite packaging, this will serve as a perfect one for your loved ones, friends, or family.  It ranges a series of fine selection. The premium products that caught my attention are caviar sauce and abalones. A product that is indeed packed with detailed thoughts and sincerities.

As the brand name spelt, they are constantly researching and developing healthy and affordable cuisine globally. Ultimately, with these nice and curated food stuffs, it enticed more patrons to enjoy their products healthily at ease of mind.

I’m pretty sure your gift receiver will be touched by your lavish and bountiful thoughts should you choose Springnine products as a gift.

Below are the list of the featured products for your consideration:

春九麻醬拌麵 十二包組 – Sesame sauce instant noodles [12packets]

春九食研所-高麗菜韭菜水餃混搭組 – cabbage and chives mixed dumplings

春九手工肉桂捲 – Handmade Cinnamon rolls – 6 pieces [Frozen]

Please do visit their website: https://www.springninefoodielab.com/ or IG: @springnine_foodielab for more details.

4. 老天祿滷味– Lau Tian Lu Braised Food

5. 快車肉乾 – Kuai Che BBQ Meat [Taiwanese-style]

You should be very familiar with the popular brands BBQ Meat [Bakkwa] selections like “Bee Cheng Hiang”, Fragrance and Lim Chee Guan in Singapore.  Taiwan also has their renowned local brand called “Speedy Car” – 快車.

There is distinction between Taiwanese style and Singapore style. The Taiwanese styles comes in the form of thin layer of pork meat with almond crisp, paper-like texture [ 0.01cm] which is amazing. Comes in assorted flavours such as original, seaweed, sesame, black pepper and Sakura prawns, filled with total crispiness. A delicacy you won’t want to leave behind when watching your favourite show or having a couple of drinks with friends. Importantly, no added preservatives.

6. 先麥芋頭酥- Shan Mai Taro Cake

Shan Mai is one of the veteran brands in Taiwan which commonly produced taro flavours products. It is also one of the best- selling food souvenirs for tourists. Apart from its crispiness on the outer layer, it is heavily filled with yam and yes, you may happen to have the flavourful yam oozing out when you have your first bite! That’s real taste of Taro i.e yam in layman term. Prepare your wet wipes or tissue!

It comes with myriad of packaging that you can simply browse through the website for further information. You may also consider other products like Taro shortbread filled with high-quality malt and cream, Taro crisps, fruit and vegetables Taro crisp strips, sun cake, nougats and pineapple crisps.

Source: https://www.smai.com.tw/Vegetables/product-detail.php?c_id=142&pd_id=196

7. 海邊走走– Hi Walk by the Sea flavoured Egg Rolls

This specially designated Taiwan snack – Egg roll or love letter has always been well liked by all ages and you can simply purchase in all seasons or for any occasion.

Especially it comes with array of flavours such as dark chocolate, peanut, black sesame, meat floss. Every bite is irresistible, and it has always been topped in google search. Caution: One your starts to bite, you may not stop!

The signature product is always the peanut filling egg rolls and its hybrid taste of salty and sweetness blends it well that you won’t be dread of having it more.

You may also visit the website for more products.

8. 甜忌廉 – Tien Ji Lian Cream and Sugar Handmade Butterfly Crisps

You will easily be drawn by the aesthetically packed, rose gold metal gift box wrapped with warmth and sincerity that you are more willingly to buy it for your loved ones. This product concept is inspired and adopted by Hong Kong – 2 main thoughtful ingredients –  whipped cream [imported from France] and sugar [imported from Australia] used to make into the nice and tasty butterfly crisps. It comes in various flavours-, original, Strawberry, Macha and Sweet potato, with nicely packed paper bag and an introduction card. This is also one of Taichung popular gift souvenirs, being one of the famous pastries shops at Taichung.  This is not all, and they are selling other exquisite creation like cakes and other French patisseries that you can incredibly indulged in.

9. 金三峽牛角 – Jin San Xia Croissants

SanXia district is known for producing croissants and there are many brands and places within the street selling different types of croissants.

Fascinated horn shaped croissants comes with assorted flavours as well such as pineapple, red bean, cream, macha and chocolate etc. If you happened to pop by the ancient looking street, do divert your route to this place for a try!

Please visit the official website as follows: https://jsx.tw/shop/

10. 永心鳳茶奶茶-Yon Shin Milk Tea Mansion

Lastly, a one must-go and check-in cafés in Taiwan. You may want to consider this place as your high tea session as well.

Lovely designed milk tea gift boxes out for grab as souvenirs or gifts.

Their signature tea is a special milk tea evenly infused with three types of tea leaves in it. The warm temperature enhances the milk’s aroma and is naturally sweet. It is best to pamper your tastebud without ice. As for the gift sets, it comes in 5 different types, sachet form I.e Hualien Honey Aroma Black Tea, Taitung Red Oolong Tea, Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea, Lishan Oolong Tea and Tieguanyin Oolong Tea.

Source: IG @yonshinmilkteamansion