W0LF[s] (五堅情) – About Them [Part 2]


There are no doubting elements on labelling this group as ’formidable’, ‘无敵’ , which encompasses members with strong song writing skill, ability to create attractive and melodic music, generate fascinating entertainment through hosting variety shows and actively participating in games.

This makes Let’s Hung blog even crazier and excited to uncover more about these guys!

W0LF (四堅情) – ‘兵變’

During a random occasion while filming the game show, Fengze had jokingly thrown a comment to Wayne that after he had went for his enlistment, he had a change of heart [變心] or reduced his commitment towards Fengze. Wayne cheekily shown his disappointment and sadness over Fengze’s comment, in return, disputed that “到底是誰兵變我“.

In fact, years back before enlistment, Fengze was the one who initially collaborated with Wayne through a song named  ‘斷訊’ and which that after, Fengze then collaborated with Nine through the latest variety show.

This vital joke has driven the guys [Fengze, Nine, Wayne, Lai] to compose an interesting song with the name ‘兵變’ and eventually formalize their journey to brotherhood through W0LF-四堅情.

W0LF(S) (五堅情) – New addition ‘S’

Source: own collection; comes with a fanciful gift after purchasing ‘ALL DAY’ T-Shirt

The group became stronger with the inclusion of Shou Lou with the establishment of W0LF(S)- 五堅情. All 5 members have wholeheartedly ensured the ongoing of the popular gameplay and managing viewers’ expectation to avoid disappointment from them. Indeed, they remained idolized by viewers of all ages by positioning their fans and viewers above more than themselves.

Despite their busy filming schedules and businesses, each member has also released album at staggered timeframe to keep their ‘hungness’ on track.

Endorsement with Robust Teamwork

The group extensive influences in Taiwan media have also attracted many endorsements and advertisements. Ranging from Fashions, Games, Gadgets, Skincare and incredibly, the endorsement of the current most popular animation in the World – Demon Slayer.

A definite thumbs-up to them – From singing, hosting, composing, playing games to dancing, they have been all-rounder in various areas to impress their fans.

Their most crucial element – Brother-hood bonding which resembles them as a family with common passions through playing of games even during/after filming, composing songs and hanging out together.

1st Music Concert – Moonlanding

Photo credit :@qiufengze via Instagram

Remarkable performance by releasing their first album on 18 February 2022 , followed by their first memento ‘Moonlanding’ music concert 2022 at Kaohsiung Dome on 19 February 2022.

A ravishing performance that entails abundance of sincerities and respects from the team.  There are short clips uploaded in YouTube which akin to watching the ‘Live’ setting. You will be deeply impressed by their effort, strength, and perfect synergy from these 5 gentlemen, bring their best out of themselves to their audience. They brought many of their popular songs like 月面著陸, 零距離, I WANNA HOLIDAY, All Day and etc. during the concert.

It was heartwarming to learn from this concert that the uprising group had also paid tribute and highest esteem to all veteran singers/groups with a five [五] character, which symbolizes the group’s unity.

Reminiscence – 5566!

Oh… Guess what, 5566 – the veteran and talented Taiwanese boyband in the 2000s, appeared onstage during the concert as the special guest with their Hit songs such as 風雲變色 & 我難過jointly with W0LF[S]. 

Indeed, a touching scene with tremendous support from 5566 to encourage the hardwork of W0LF[S]. This brought sensational and outpouring of cheers and screams from the audiences on the floor. A remarkable and reminiscence moment created in this concert, not to be missed!

Kudos – W0lfs (五堅情)

Yes. This is how they established themselves with the marvelous result and became a latest heartthrob group, conquering Taiwan entertainment industry and other parts of Asia. Their immense hardwork and effort are absolutely impressive and vastly acknowledged by their fans.

Last but not least, a good news for those who missed their concert at Kaohsiung. Fret not, there is an announcement that next “Moon Landing” concert would be held at the “Taipei Dome” on 6th August 2022.

Of course! Let’s Hung is proud and will continue to bring our readers more of their insights.