Where Can You See Blooming Flowers In Taiwan?


In Singapore, you may have to pop by Gardens By The Bay or the National Parks or probably chance upon while travelling on the highway to view and witness nice blooming flowers.  Flower viewing spots have always been popular amongst tourists and local plant enthusiasts. Definitely this is a luxurious annual affair and experiences for people living in the wonders of 4-Seasons countries.

If you really missed those times where you can immerse yourself on the beauty of this nature in Taiwan, we shall eagerly hope for the good news soon with the ever changing new normal amidst the pandemic.

Nonetheless, Let’s Hung will continue to provide you with more insights and updates on the viewing spots in this country.


Beginning of each year, the first wave of flower season will be led by the Camellia. Of course, some places in Taiwan will have it bloomed first than some other places. It will appear in end December at Hsinchu City whereas you will only be seeing it in January if you are heading to Yang Ming Mountain. It is known that Taiwan is covered by 70% of Camellia flowers varieties. Do visit the “eight beauty garden” and other 7 tea gardens like a fairyland on Earth during the Spring festival.

Cherry Blossom

Next in line will be the highly anticipated season  – Cherry Blossom which will started to bloom in February. This is one of the popular attractions amongst tourists , regardless is in Taiwan, Korea or Japan.  One of the best places to view in Taiwan will be Wulin Farm which will last for about 18 days.

Credit: Photo by Yuki Nakamura on Unsplash

Yang Ming Mountain

Wait, do you guys know that one of the must-visit flowers viewing spots in Taiwan is at Yang Ming Mountain? The place, not only full of nature vibes, but you could also find cafes, restaurants with breathtaking experience and stunning views. Aside, it is also the season for Calla Lily’s appearance at Yang Ming Mountain

Taiwan Leisure Farm[名陽匍休閒農莊]

In addition, exclusively sharing on the recent emerging popular spot – The Taiwan Leisure Farm[名陽匍休閒農莊]. If you are a fan of demon slayer, I supposed you should have seen from the show, such beautiful and attractive flowers that could have caught your attention. That’s the Wisteria sinensis and the best season to visit would be mid-March to April.

Credit: Photo by Owen Yin on Unsplash

Credit: Photo by Nature Uninterrupted Photography on Unsplash


Aside from Yang Ming Mountain, you could view these flowers at Shezi island- Taipei Garden Mall [臺北花瓣村]. Following that, from May to June where the summer season kicks in, this is the moment whereby Hydrangea blooms in wide arrays of colours – Blue, White, Green, Pink and light Purple. This is one of the popular and classic choices for wedding bouquets apart from roses. So if you are those who love this kind of flowers, you can check in at Yangmingshan Kao’s Hydrangea Garden and gaojia hydrangeas field during summer holidays and take your insta-worthy shots.

Credit: Photo by Stephanie Klepacki on Unsplash

Miaoli – Lavender Field

Taiwan’s must visit flowers viewing attractions from March to May – Lavender, Grace + Me the lavender field which is located at Miaoli. The best part is that it is a free-admission park and not only it is opened for viewing but you may also grab some souvenirs back such as the lavender aromatic oil and tea to chill and relax yourself.

Official website : 首頁 – 葛瑞絲香草田Grace+Me


To join in the summer season of blooming , not to forget about Lotus and Sunflowers. Taiwan is known as the “hometown of the lotus” which is the Baihe district of Tainan city, there’s an event held every year- “white river lotus season”. Aside from flower viewing, you must also seize the chance to try the delicious taste of the lotus seeds, then to relax and get soaked at Guanziling [關子嶺溫泉區] hot spring. Whenever it comes to summer season, Taoyuan Xiangyang Farm will import sunflowers from Japan, flower lovers will love to appreciate the scenic view filled with bed of sunflowers. Sunflowers symbolized loyalty and happiness so it will brighten your day up.

Credit Photo by Gérôme Bruneau on Unsplash   
Credit Photo by getty images

Leek Flowers [韭菜花]

During September season, Leek Flowers [韭菜花]  will also appear at Taoyuan Daxi flower field like snows given that it is pure white colour. You can freely take instagrammable pictures with the field of leek flowers as if you are playing with the snow.

Maple Leaves

Next, it’s the cooling season, drop in temperature – Autumn/Fall where you will need a light jacket or seeing people on street with knitwear, anticipating the Halloween period in October. The trace of pumpkins everywhere and the sight of maple leaves in Yangmingshan and Aowanda that turn into a bed sea of red towards the end of spring and in autumn. The mountain paths between Pingjing Street and Jingshan Road are especially popular for Maple Leaves viewing spots. The picturesque scenery filled with stunning shades of burgundy, yellow and orange to create a more poetic ambience while enjoying the rustling sound of the maple leaves. Aside, Chrysanthemum can also be seen in this period to join the cooling weather.

Silver Grass

You may also begin to see silver grasses lying around on the huge fields along Qingtiangang Grassland [Sun Valley], which is located at Datun Mountain Range till the end of November.

This is especially nice if you chose to take your pre-wedding shoots with the silver grasses. I swear that you will love it. It just looks awesome.

Credit: Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash
Credit: Photo by jaemin don on Unsplash

Plum Blossom

Here comes to the end of the year, when there’s existence of the plum blossoms blooming beautifully, alongside with the pine trees and fairy grass flowers. This is just like when you’re shouting for encore in a concert to have a finale ending and In celebration of the upcoming festive seasons ahead.

2022 Taoyuan Bayberry fairy grass flower festival [新竹 關西鎮仙草節]

There will be an upcoming exhibition held in December which has yet to be confirmed- “2022 Taoyuan bayberry fairy grass flower festival”[ 2022新竹 關西鎮仙草節]. With that, you can simply feel the romance ambience surrounded by a bed of purple flowers, and most importantly, it is FREE admission, and you shall be expecting larger crowds.

Grab the chance to visit them, if you could once the event is confirmed!

Credit: Photo by Winston Chen on Unsplash– plum blossoms

Pine Trees

One of the flower viewing attractions will be the larch Pine trees at Nantou [落羽松@南投 139縣道落羽松秘境] between mid-December to January period. Do remember to capture the nicest panoramic view of the landscape and post in your Instagram. Who knows, you will gain more followers?  

Gentle reminder: Please take note of the viewing spots of the different seasons and months to avoid any disappointment.

Thanks for reading! Let’s Hung ~~~